Essay writing is not difficult.

No… really… I’m serious!

If you’ve ever won an argument! Then,  chances are that you have composed the spoken equivalent of a written essay.

An essay is simply your argument about ( – or understanding of – or discussion about… etc… )  a particular topic.

And… as any lawyer will tell you… an argument (or understanding –  or perspective – or interpretation) about a particular topic is only as good as the evidence you use to “prove” your case! Obviously – the more “correct” and the more convincing evidence you have – the better your “win!” will be!

So… where do you get your evidence?

In English – you will find your evidence in the text you’re studying ! In HSIE – you will find your evidence from a variety of sources.

So – CLICK HERE for lots of different tips and tricks to help you write an amazing essay!

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