ABOUT US… well it’s just me actually 😉

Hi. My name is Leonie.

I started building this e-learning website in August, 2009.

Initially, my primary objective in creating this website was to provide additional support and resource material for my students and tutees. Over the years – the site has grown and developed to meet the specific needs of my individual students and registered users.

A little about me? Okay. I’ll try to keep this short.
I am a “returning” High school teacher who has enjoyed a few different – yet successful – careers. I have qualifications and experience in education, business management,  marketing, website design and…classical ballet and snow sports.

I have worked in both private and public schools. I’ve lived and worked in various locations in Europe.

I love working with teenagers… they’re so “honest!”

I resigned from my full-time teaching position in 2009. It was time-for-a-change and I decided to experience the world of the Public Education system. I’m passionate about making sure that all students receive “meaningful” and engaging learning experiences – in a form which suits them best!

Through this site, I’ve been able to offer 24/7 access to my students.

I decided to make the website free and public, so that all students – regardless of where they live and which school they attend – can improve their performance at (and enjoyment of ) school – the “SMART” way!

This website is for “you”. If it’s not working for you – then please let me know how I can change it to suit you better.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, comments or suggestions.

Happy learning people 🙂
Leonie K<

4 thoughts on “ABOUT US…

  1. This website is amazing, thank you so much for creating it. I’m current year 12 student at a selective high school studying 4 units of English and I’ll be linking this to many of my friends who will also hopefully donate at the end of our HSC year.

    It would be great if you provided a concise summary on how to analyse Hamlet’s textual integrity.

    Thank you again,


    • Hi Sue and thank you for your comment. I *do* still tutor English… however, I am taking a break from face-to- face workshops during Term 4 2012. I invite your daughter to register to the website and I am more than happy to direct her to the most appropriate resources for the particular module she is studying this term. Registered users can email me for guidance 24/7
      I hope this helps.
      Kind regards,

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