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This page will show who has donated their invaluable help. I will update this page every day. Every little bit helps and I assure you that you will see where your kindness leads…


August, 17th 2012. Donations received in the last fortnight:

A sincere Thank You to Susan Meredith, Janice Browne and Mary Bullock for you support. Every little (and big) bit helps lighten Cyn’s load as she fights the long road to recovery.

Donations received from July 27th to August 3rd, 09:36 –

13:49hr Friday, July 27th, 2012 = $1500.00  🙂




Please be assurred that ALL donations received have been (and will continue to be) transferred directly into Cyn’s account.

Cyn has total autonomy over how her funds will be used in the “fight for her life”! After all – she is best person to decide what she needs. Also – with her work experience as an situation assessor and advisor – she’s certainly got the knowledge and skills to be able to do this better than me! It also gives her brain something positive to focus on 🙂

As at 11.09am 24th, July – $200.00 🙂

3 thoughts on “Donations Received

  1. I am overwhelmed at the selfless generosity of friends and neighbours who have donated to Cyn. It’s very humbling. I know that some people – who have little, have given a lot. You have given Cyn a much needed boost in her fight. Thank you to Jan and Stan, Joanne W, Helen, Kirstie, Sandra, Jen and Paula (and all the “Thissos”), Pennie, Colwyn, Toni and everyone who has offered to help. xxxx ?

  2. I just found out that a very generous donation was made by someone who has never met Cyn. I have never met this person either. I was informed that this person (a dad of school-aged children) was deeply moved by Cyn’s story and he has donated a generous $400.00.

    On behalf of Cyn, a heart-felt “thank you” to James Pasefield. There truly are some wonderful people out there! 🙂

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